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As patients living with melanoma, we understand that receiving the diagnosis can be a frightening, confusing and isolating experience. That’s why, with assistance of St Luke’s Skin Cancer Team and Macmillan Cancer Support, we’ve joined forces to create MelaNoMore, a support group for anyone attending St Luke’s Cancer Support Centre.


MelaNoMore Virtual Cafe

Please join us via Zoom to enjoy your morning tea break, listen to an expert and discuss the melanoma concerns of our group.

New Style NEWSLETTER for February

Read about Mr Pakzad addressing the lastest Virtual Cafe, Chris Caswell with his Buddies Report and our Future Plans.

Paul Duhig Chairman of MelaNoMore Retirement

MelaNoMore was co-founded in 2018 by Paul and a small group of patients under treatment at that time and with the support and encouragement of the St Luke’s Clinicians. In two years since Paul, as Chairman, has guided us to become the first successful patient support group in the country for Melanoma sufferers. We are proud to be supporting our members through what is a very difficult time for them personally and also for the medical teams as we battle through the Covid 19 crisis.

During 2020, we have moved from “tea and chat” meetings to virtual cafes and built a strong website to disseminate our news and signpost further sources of support and information.  We have accelerated our plans to introduce a new “buddy” system, providing valuable one-to-one support in these testing times.
None of these achievements would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Paul Duhig. His impressive drive and ability to persuade others to give their time and money towards our cause, were essential for its success. Everyone involved with MelaNoMore is acutely aware that we would not be where we are today without his leadership, and it is therefore with sadness that we have to report that Paul has decided to retire from MelaNoMore due to ill health.  We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Doug  Gina  Pam  Chris  Neil  plus all of the Clinical Staff especially  Delia  Kelly  &  Mark from Macmillan

Covid-19 Vaccination for Patients on Anti-Cancer Therapy

Anti-Cancer Therapies including Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, other antibody treatments or Radiotherapy – Should you be Vaccinated.

Click here to view the Patient Information Leaflet from Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust.

Thank You Letter from Macmillan

Lucy-Ann Bett
Macmillan Partnership Manager

Our next Virtual Cafe is Wed 24th March 10:00-11:30

Speaker is Dr Mazhar Ajaz, Consultant Oncologist “Immunotherapy developments and related treatments”

Future Virtual Cafe dates

Wed 28th April 10am speaker Miss Elizabeth Clayton “Talking Heads presentation for patients”, volunteers to participate.

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Helen McNamara Slides

“Sleep: What is it? Why do we need it? How do we do it well?”

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Thursday, Mar 04

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Notes of Virtual Café held at 10 am on 20 January 2021

  1. The meeting was chaired by Doug Hollis. Doug explained to the Group that Paul Duhig was no longer able to continue as Chairman due to ill health and wished him a speedy recovery on behalf of the group.

Doug also gave apologies from Delia Sworm who was to be our “star turn” guest speaker as she had been called away to attend an emergency in ICU and was unable to attend. We will re-book Delia for another time.


  1. The meeting was attended by around 18 people and it was pleasing to see a number of new faces. The new faces introduced themselves and the group then posed topics and questions for discussion, covering such items as:
    1. Covid Vaccines
    2. Experiences of the effects of melanoma treatments
    3. Hospital Transport

All felt that the discussion period was very worthwhile as they had not had this previously.


  1. Doug reviewed the latest communication with the group from the Pharmacy, RSCH dated 12 Jan 2021 regarding Covid Vaccine for patients receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. This information will be uploaded onto the website.

Chris Caswell provided an overview of the activities of Melanoma Buddies. All agreed this was a very worthwhile innovation and many had used or are using the service.

  1. Gina Freeman ended this Virtual Café with her trademark quiz, which was won by Aimee Weston.
  1. The Next Virtual Café is:

February 2021 (Wed 24.02.2021 @ 10.00am) – Mr Farrokh Pakzad, Consultant Oncoplastic and Breast Surgeon, RSCH / St Luke’s.

Mr Pakzad will update us on developments in melanoma and skin cancer surgery. He is happy to take questions which may be sent prior to the event via

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