MelaNoMore Constitution


St Luke’s Melanoma Support Group Known as “MelaNoMore”

1.0 Aims of MelaNoMore

The Group is for people and their family members with Melanoma and associated conditions as guided to it by their care professionals through St Luke’ Cancer Centre, RSCH, Guildford.

The Aims of the Group are:

  • Hold Group meetings to allow Service Users and families to meet each other
  • Set up information and education meetings on a range of issues
  • Organise Social events for Service Users and their families
  • Provide information through a Website and Facebook page
  • As a longer term aim to set up a Buddy System

The Group is a safe place for people to help each other, and to provide an environment for family members to be included.

2.0 Members

Membership will be open to people affected by cancer attending St Luke’s Cancer Centre, Guildford or linked Hospital Trusts (Ashford & St Peters, East Surrey, Frimley Park and Clinics) where treatment is being given at St Luke’s. Members will be eligible if aged 18 and over.

3.0 Equal Opportunities

MelaNoMore aims to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone irrespective of their, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

4.0 Committee

As a small unincorporated group, the group will be managed by a Committee whose members will be appointed by the members each AGM. A Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary will be appointed by the Committee and will serve for 3 years. . The Committee shall consist of interested people of all backgrounds and will meet a minimum of three times per year. Notice of Meetings and minutes will be the responsibility of the Secretary. Committee members will have a three year term and will offer themselves for re-nomination at the Annual General Meeting. Initial Committee members will be due for re-nomination in December 2021. Others who join the Committee subsequently will be re-nominated at the next AGM after their three year term is up.

5.0 Members Meeting & AGM

At least once a year a meeting will be held to update members about the work the group has done, share financial information, and plan ahead. This will usually be the Annual General Meeting planned for December each year.

6.0 Finances

A bank account will be maintained on behalf of the Group, and managed by the Chairman and Treasurer.

  • A bank account will be maintained on behalf of the group, there will be at least three signatories on the account (so that there are always two available to authorise payments)
  • Each transaction will be agreed by a minimum of two committee officers and recorded in meeting notes or via email agreement.
  • Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the Treasurer and a financial update given at each member meeting.
  • All money raised by the group will be spent solely on furthering the groups aims.
7.0 Signatories

The Committee will have 3 signatories.. Any transaction of over £25.00 will be authorised by any 2 of 3 of the signatories. The Treasurer will keep a record of all financial transactions and authorisations and report to the Committee on a regular basis

8.0 Dissolution

Should the group close, grant making organisations will be informed and funds returned, with any remaining assets given to another recognized cancer group with similar aims. These decisions will be taken by the MelaNoMore Committee after external advice and reported to Members.

9.0 Committee Membership Jan 2019 – Dec 2021

Given the set up requirements of MelaNoMore the Initial Officers and Members of the Committee are:

Chairman Paul Duhig
Secretary (Acting) Paul Duhig
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Doug Hollis
PR Gina Freeman

Medical Advisers

Elizabeth Clayton Consultant Oncoplastic and Breast Surgeon
Delia Sworm CNS Skin Cancer
Kate Upshon CNS Skin Cancer
Kelly Smith Skin Cancer Co-ordinator
Celia Harris Research Nurse

Patient Members

Gina Freeman
George McGavin

Initial members are due for re-nomination at AGM December 2021

10.0 Revisions to Constitution

Revision to the Constitution may be made by a majority vote of the Committee