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Newsletter No.18 October 2021

. Optimistic October
. VC–Chris Caswell’s Story
. The Interview–Dr Koliou
. The World of Melanoma
. Buddies Report
. ……..and more.

Newsletter No. 17 September 2021

~ Winning Teams
~ Macmillan Cancer Care
~ News form the World of Melanoma- Macmillan Cancer Support
~ Buddies Report
~ …… and more

Newsletter No.16 August 2021

Psychological Resilience
Sussex & Surrey Cancer Alliance
News from the World of Melanoma – Cancer Research UK
Buddies Report
……. and more

Newsletter No.15 July 2021

 Action for Happiness
 Healthwatch Surrey talks to the VC
 The Kate Upshon Interview
 News from the World of Melanoma
 Buddies report

Newsletter No.14 May 2021

. Happy Hour – 7:30pm
. Delia talks to the VC
. Sarah Qureshi interview
. News from the World of Melanoma
. Buddies

Newsletter No.13 April 2021

.Spring is here
. Liz Clayton talks to the VC
. Kelly Smith Interview
.News fom the world of Melanoma
.Buddies Report

Newsletter No.12 March 2021

. MelaNoMore Happy Hour
. Linked Sites
. Dr Ajaz talks to VC
. The Delia Sworm Interview
. Macmillan endorses MSG
. Buddies report

Virtual Cafe Happy Hour for Feb 2021
Virtual Cafe March 2021

Dr Ajaz Immunotherapy Development

Newsletter No.11 February 2021

. COVID-19 Vaccines
. AGM Results
. Future PLans
. Mr Pakzad @ VC
. Buddies Report

Virtual Cafe February 2021

Mr Farrokh Pakzad on
Surgical Mgmt of Melanoma

Virtual Cafe January 2021

. COVID Vaccine Guidance
. Paul Duhig retires
. Buddies
. Quiz

Newsletter No.10 November 2020

Chairman to move aside
Return of Grant to Macmillan
VC on Sleep Issues

Newsletter No. 9a Oct 2020 Update

MelaNoMore Buddy Scheme Launched
Wellbeing Session by Adele Hug on Diet
Forthcoming VC’s on Sleep

Newsletter No. 9 October 2020

Our Virtual Cafes now incorporate the Wellbeing Education Programme &
Further details on The Friendship Group

Update Newsletter No. 8a Sept 2020

2 New Committee Members
Virtual Cafe Next 3 Speakers

Latest Newsletter No.8 September

August Virtual Cafe included description of the Buddy System, with future VC’s featuring Education & Wellbeing sessions

Newsletter No.7 August 2020

Fountain Centre 6-week Survivorship Course
The Friendship Group (Buddying Service) is being formed

Virtual Cafe Launched 3 June 2020

Press Release & Notes

Newsletter No.6 June-July 2020

2nd Virtual Cafe with Sarah Browne Healthwatch Surrey & Susanna Melanoma Focus

Newsletter No.5 June 2020

First Virtual Cafe includes Guidelines & Zoom Instructions

Covid-19 MSG Impact

March 2020

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No.1 November 2019

Lorraine Nanke Survive & Thrive Presentation Slides click here

How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis by Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap

Please click here

Paul Duhig Chairman of MelaNoMore Retirement

MelaNoMore was co-founded in 2018 by Paul and a small group of patients under treatment at that time and with the support and encouragement of the St Luke’s Clinicians. In two years since Paul, as Chairman, has guided us to become the first successful patient support group in the country for Melanoma sufferers. We are proud to be supporting our members through what is a very difficult time for them personally and also for the medical teams as we battle through the Covid 19 crisis.

During 2020, we have moved from “tea and chat” meetings to virtual cafes and built a strong website to disseminate our news and signpost further sources of support and information.  We have accelerated our plans to introduce a new “buddy” system, providing valuable one-to-one support in these testing times.
None of these achievements would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Paul Duhig. His impressive drive and ability to persuade others to give their time and money towards our cause, were essential for its success. Everyone involved with MelaNoMore is acutely aware that we would not be where we are today without his leadership, and it is therefore with sadness that we have to report that Paul has decided to retire from MelaNoMore due to ill health.  We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Doug  Gina  Pam  Chris  Neil  plus all of the Clinical Staff especially  Delia  Kelly  &  Mark from Macmillan

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